Haitian International presents its two brands in IPF 2017

The 5-day even Japan International Rubber & Plastics Machinery Fair (IPF) which is held once every three years has been successfully concluded in Tokyo of Japan on October 28, 2017.

As one of the top three trade fairs for rubber and plastics machinery in the world, IPF Japan represents the top technical level of electric injection molding solutions and has attracted professional visitors from over 60 countries and regions worldwide. As one of the few international injection molding machine manufacturers in the exhibition, Haitian International has been participating in IPF for consecutively 6 times. With years of efforts, Haitian International has made impressive development in Japan which is one of the most challenging market for non-local brands and has received positive recognition among high class customers who have international operations.

In IPF 2017, “Haitian Plastics Machinery” and “Zhafir Plastics Machinery” jointly presented the latest “technology to the point”. The exhibits include a 2nd generation of MA series from “Haitian” brand. With accumulative sales exceeding 180,000 units within 10 years since its introduction, the MA series has set a record in the industry and been the world’s best-selling injection molding machine. The brand new JE series, as the latest technology from Zhafir to combine the technical advantages from both electrical and hydraulic solutions, has made its premiere show in the overseas exhibition. A JE machine with clamping force of 6,500 kN was presented this time on IPF. The introduction of JE series helps to further improve the product portfolio of the Zhafir brands and offers to the customers even more choices to further improve their product quality and optimize their competitiveness in the market. Another exhibit from “Zhafir Plastics Machinery” at display has been a Zeres electric machine.

More capacity in service & support

With the commissioning of the 2nd factory, Haitian International Germany has a significantly extended production capacity. This will increase the availability of the machines “to go” as well as the speed of delivery time of spare parts.

More service strength in the fields of pre- and after-sales was the second important aspect in the investment decision of the Haitian Group for the site in Germany. “The new hall and the resulting space gives us many more opportunities to offer mold testing on production cells with larger machines,” says Philippe Porret, Deputy Manager of Haitian International Germany. “We are simultaneous growing in all areas. In assembling and system development, in sales and service structures, and in all levels of support. ”

To care for the real needs of the customers and to concentrate in providing technology which can really help the customer to improve their market competitiveness has generated the common success for both Haitian and its customers. Therefore, Haitian has received wide recognition among lots of customers which have international operation. The success is also demonstrated in the financial result by setting new records one after another. In the first half of 2017, Haitian International has its total sales revenue amounted to RMB 5.036.9 million, among which 27.6% is from export, an increase of 33.6% as compared to the same period last year.

In recent years, Haitian International has been actively expanding its global presence through strengthening its manufacturing capacity, improving its sales network, as well as upgrading its service and application, which has received positive feedback. Haitian Huayuan Machinery (Japan) Co., LTD., which was established on April 1st, 2016, helps to improve Haitian’s sales and service in Japan. The Odawara Technical Service Center which is located at Kanagawa can provide comprehensive pre-sale and after-sale service for local customers. Haitian is convinced that with sustainable investment and steady development in the local market will generate positive result in the near future.

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